Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I’m Chris and I and I live in Worcestershire, I have always loved animals and was luckily enough to always have family pets. I now have my own two rescue cats, Harper and Bear plus my best buddy Rodney the cavapoo. I am drawn to anything nature or animal related and have been obsessed with animal documentaries since I was a little boy.

I was born in Reading, Berkshire but I quickly outgrew the town. I had always wanted to travel and experience living abroad, so I followed my heart and spent some years on the Greek islands. Here I had life changing experiences and made lifelong best friends. Together we have countless stories to tell (thank goodness social media wasn’t around back then!). After my time abroad I moved to London where I worked as a promotional model and eventually worked as an area sales manager for a well-known beauty brand.

Whilst living in London I met my partner who at the time was completing his bio-science degree. I made the decision to move with my job to Birmingham so that we could be together. Unfortunately after some time, I was made redundant and decided to change career and found my love for recruitment!

Where did your career start and how did it evolve to where you are now? 

My recruitment career began after I was made redundant from my area sales manager role. I wanted a change and I had always enjoyed the recruitment aspect of my role as an area sales manager where I interviewed and trained our promotional staff. I had always wondered about recruitment as a full time job but was put off by its savage reputation! Redundancy gave me the push to give it a go and I am so glad it did as it really changed my life.

I applied for lots of high street agencies and decided upon a well-known brand in the recruitment market where I quickly learned the ropes and built a temporary office support desk. After some time in my role as Temporaries Consultant I was approached to work for a start-up office for another High Street agency where I would build and work on a Permanent Consultant, working on permanent roles. I jumped at the opportunity and found my love for permanent recruitment!

From here I was asked to join a wonderful agency where I spent three years working in an amazing team. I was promoted to Senior Recruitment Business Partner and became an integral part of the business. I loved my job and my colleagues but always wondered how I could merge my love of animals and recruitment. Then Tony Noble MD of Noble Futures came along!

What do you enjoy about recruitment?

Firstly I love helping people. I love talking with people and really understanding who they are and what they want out of life and work.

I have always wanted to get to know the real person behind a CV. I like to think that I have a talent for understanding people, their motivations, what is important to them and matching them to their dream jobs. That’s what I love about recruitment. There is no better feeling when a candidate sends you a thank you or a client tells you how fantastic a candidate is and thanks you for your hard work. It’s brilliant.

What do you enjoy about working in the animal related industries?

Noble Futures London Vet Show

I absolutely love the industries that we recruit into, as I have a natural interest and passion for what these companies are doing to ultimately better the lives of animals and people. The industry is so diverse and full of fantastic, talented, intelligent people who I am constantly learning from.

It is fantastic to be talking to people who are working in these industries every single day. New businesses are constantly emerging too and that is something really exciting to be a part of. I believe that as an Animal related industries recruiter, I am playing an important part in bettering the lives of both people and animals which enables me to really enjoy what I do.

What do you look for in a candidate?

Honesty and 100% transparency is what I want from anybody that I work with. I look for candidates who are honest, committed and talented.

To me being authentic and honest is more important than having just the right experience on paper it is SO much more than that!

What is the one thing you think every CV should have?

Clarity! It is so important that you have a CV which explains your roles, timelines and what you are looking for correctly! Also talk about you as a person in your profile or hobbies. Be honest and don’t be generic, if you are yourself, someone will love you for it!

What’s your top career advice?

I would encourage everyone to always listen to your gut feeling or that inner voice which is telling you what to do.

Be a nice person, listen, learn from others, take opportunities when they are presented to you, work hard and have lots of fun along the way!


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